If you ever pondered over what makes people travel to a new country, it wouldn’t be unappropriate to mention enlightenment as the sole reason. In fact, to think of it, consider your own experience; did you ever visit a place and witness that “alive” feeling, that moment when seeing a new sight or experiencing for the first time gave you goosebumps? That is one unexplainable reason why people travel abroad. What more does traveling overseas offer? The opportunity to experience a plethora of things, to embrace the new and refreshing, because no part of the world is same.


Doing this with an open mind about a new country, irrespective of what the media may have been portraying, certainly paves a path of wisdom and illumination to state the least. Along with an array of intangible experiences, some things that will urge you to plan a trip to a new country are –

  • Food

One of the most expansive elements that depicts creativity of a region, food can be said to be the biggest exploration of a new country. It is that one thing that brings people together.

  • People

New countries give you an insight of a particular region’s sociology, which can be very interesting if you love understanding the human behaviour and observing people. Locals especially may possess peculiar characteristics unique to their own grounds.

  • Cultures

Brought forward by generations, cultures of new places carry with them immense history, shaped by traditions and beliefs. Some countries like India, Morocco, China, United Kingdom, Mexico, and France, among others have an incredibly rich history and beckon a visit for any seasoned or first-time international traveler.

  • Sights

Mesmerizing sunsets at coral beaches, sunrises at the highest peak in the world, or watching the rain pour through tropical forests, are just some physical region sights one gets to witness. But some sights like a child offering prayers or tourists indulging at roadside cafes, bequeath visitors with an experience, a memory that is more than just a sight!

  • Modes of transport

This one can be very delightful! From tuk tuks, autorickshaws, funiculars, ferries and bamboo trains, there are a ton of modes of transport across the globe that will fascinate you to no end!

  • Fellow travelers from other countries

There is nothing more beautiful than having heart to heart conversations, random drinking sprees, and perhaps even a fleeting romance with an absolute stranger from another part of the world! You never know in whom you may just find your soulmate or a best friend. If you’ll don’t speak each other’s language, sign language and gestures can be fun and a novel experience.

  • Yourself

Last but not the least, venturing a foreign territory will give you this golden opportunity of exploring yourself. You will be thrown into (gently of course) these beautiful situations, where you will realise some things about yourself, recognise your own potential, which you perhaps would not have had you not been there at that time. There is an exhilaration in being in a new country, outside your comfort zone and dealing with unexpected circumstances!



And then there is that moment of coming back home to your beloved, your bed, your pet, which is difficult to put into words!

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