The idle time of the fleets is one of the biggest hindrances in maximizing the profits for a commercial fleet company. With increased idle timing, fuel consumption also surges up, which also further reduce the profit potential. An effective way to deal with such issues and enhance the profitability of your commercial fleet business is to get a full-fledged GPS tracking system from TraxxisGPS.

Let’s have a look at how idle time tracking with TraxxisGPS’s commercial fleet GPS tracking system can help you to maximize your profit potential.

The TraxxisGPS’s GPS tracking system will provide you with a dashboard, which will give you key insights on the performance of the drivers and the Tomtom Tracking. With these insights, you ca

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n get valuable data for idle time tracking. It will also help you to identify the drivers who are idling for too long on regular intervals.

Some of the data related to fleet idling you will get include:

  • In-depth idling summary of each vehicle, whole fleet or broken groups
  • Start time of idling
  • Location of idling
  • Duration of idling
  • Fuel consumption during idle time

The data from the key insights will also enable you to compare the performance of multiple vehicles and drivers. The ultimate result will be enhanced performance of the drivers and fleets and reduced fuel consumption.

Apart from the idle time tracking, GPS tracking system from TraxxisGPS for your commercial fleet business can serve you various other benefits. One of their outstanding features is ELD and Electronic Logbook App. With this feature, you can get the real time reports and summaries related to the performance of drivers and fleets on the go. The ELD is plugged into the diagnostic port of a vehicle. Bluetooth technology is used to connect the ELD with the app on your smart device. With these features, the driving time and other required data will be automatically recorded. Moreover, the drivers will also have the features to edit and view their logs.

To sum it up, TraxxisGPS’s GPS tracking system can do wonders for your commercial fleet business. Not only it will help to maximize the profitability but will also reduce the number of accidents, mishaps, and delays. Contact them now and get the best GPS tracking system for your business.

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