Gledhill has operated in the central heating cylinder business for over 90 years,and they are one of the leading companies in the UK that develop hot water thermal stores. Gledhill manufactures and distributes a wide range of popular thermal stores including the Boilermate and PulsaCoil.

With the growth of renewable energy thermal stores has seen a new lease of life, traditional the hot water may have been heated via cheap overnight electricity and kept warm throughout the day. With the growing awareness of the environment, many people are looking to reduce their reliance if electricity or gas. This has led to many renewable technologies being used to generate either electricity or heat.

With the Gledhill range of thermal stores, there can be a variety of tapings allowing multiple heat sources to warm the water. With the Torrent ECO thermal store, a common solution is to use a wood burning stove to warm the water rather than electricity. There is also a solar option called the Torrent ECO HP SOL which allows the combination of theheat pump, solar energy and wood burning stove in the same system, making what must be the ultimate alternative energy cylinder.

Being a UK based manufacturer Gledhill can offer a wide variety of personalised services above and beyond what larger multinationals provide.  Gledhill is well known in the industry for our capability to produce bespoke cylinders to a custom specification, i.e. tapping heights, connection sizes and positions etc. They can offer everything required from just a single additional tapping all the way through to square cylinders!

There are also 2 separate divisions to the Gledhill brand that handle all the maintenance of the products and this includes Gledhills Spares and Gledhill Response.

Gledhill Response provides all the maintenance support for the Gledhill brand and can offer users the peace of mind of home cover contracts, yearly service checks, and fixed price repair or replacement. Gledhill Response coversboiler repair for all the Gledhill range including Boilermate, PulsaCoil, Systemate and Torrent ECO.

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